Monday, August 9, 2010

“I love it when a plan comes together!” (with apologies to George Peppard)

When fixing any old instrument, there are sure to be surprises - both good and bad.  I’m hoping that with my very limited shop, and the fact that I am frankly pretty rusty, none of them will be too tough.  A stripped or rusted screw, badly damaged tone holes, or broken keys can really be a hassle.
From the start, I knew this horn would require a complete re-pad and, most likely, more.  So, the plan is going to be:
  1. Disassemble the instrument and assess its condition
  2. Clean and polish the body and keys (and get rid of the musty smell!)
  3. Get the tools and supplies I need to fix it.  After all, I think I have a screwdriver and some contact cement right now.
  4. Fix it!
  5. Test it with the original mouthpiece and determine what size reeds will work
  6. Repair any oversights after having play-tested it
  7. Play some music!
After my C melody is completed, I plan on learning some of Frank Trumbauer’s music and getting a band together, so say tuned for recital dates!

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